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Basic Church
USD / month
Billed Annually
Premium / Non Profit
USD / month
Billed Annually
Full Private
USD / month
Billed Annually
Web Based Client Management/Networking System
Web Based Client Management/Non Networking
Annual Gift Record Limit of 1,000
Annual Gift Record Limit
of 10,000  
Customizable Service / Gift Categories
Set Per Item Costs on Service / Gift Categories
Household Member Linking
One Step Add & Connect Household Members
Client Photo Capture
BOLO - Area notifications of scams and urgent community information.
Excel Data Export
3 User Accounts Included  
Pre-Built Client Demographic & Assistance Reports
Customizable Service Categories
Google Address Mapping
Team Email  
Ability to filter reports by gift category as well as date range
Private case notes only viewable within your agency/church
Expanded Search Options (address & similar names)
Client Warnings  
Over 30 Pre-Built Reports Available Including Comprehensive Family Demographic & Assistance
Income/Expense Details Tracking
Housing/Homeless Status Tracking
Volunteer Information and Time Tracking
Privatization of Records
Appointment Scheduler
Donor & Donations Tracker
ID Card Creation/Printing & Scanning
Service Scan (expedited service entry)
Repetitive Services (enter regularly repeated services to clients in one click!)
Client / Agency Document Storage
Goals & Outcomes
Custom Tracking  
Custom Data Tracking  
Food Pantry Points System Tracking
Group Administration (aggregate reporting of multiple agencies' data; produce & provide area resource guide for member agencies)
Referral Module (allows member agencies to manage client referrals among one another. Includes reporting)
BRIDGES OUT OF POVERTY SYSTEM (call for pricing)   
Frequently Asked Questions

Our modules vary in price. To ensure that you only pay for what you need, we suggest you give us a call to discuss your options. Many times we'll discover you don't actually need to purchase an additional module and that what you need can be done within your normal subscription package.

We do not offer free trials, but we do offer FREE NO OBLIGATION LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS. We've found that with all of our options users cannot have their questions answered with a self-guided trial. With our demonstration we can first find out your needs and then customize our demonstration to meet those needs. Along the way we can answer your questions as well.

Don't worry about us calling you and pressuring you into purchasing our system. That's simply not our style. We believe our product sells itself. We're here to help you as you help others. If our solution can help you, then we look forward to working with you. If we're not the best fit then don't worry, you're not going to hurt our feelings. After all, we're all working to accomplish the same thing...helping those in need the best way we can. It's not about competition; it's about serving those in difficult times.

A Charity Check membership is a Site License. That simply means that if you have multiple locations you will need an account for each site. Imagine that a church has multiple satellite campuses. With our low prices already, there is simply no way we can afford to let multiple sites or agencies utilize a single account.

Once again you should give us a call to discuss your needs. We do, however, have options to allow you to manage each of those location as a whole if needed.

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