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Charity Check’s comprehensive modular system provides the perfect platform for your client management needs. Entering a client into the system is simple and fast. Adding a service is even quicker. Our multiple pre-built reports can display and print assistance data, family demographic information and much more with just a couple clicks of the mouse.

Since 1997 Charity Check has been helping social service providers to network and manage data to avoid duplication, ensuring needs are met.

With the experience gained during that time, along with customer input, we have developed a system which can meet the need of the smallest church to the largest agency. Our modular system allows you get the tools you need at a price you can afford. Whether you are a single agency needing a tracking system or a community seeking to collaborate in order to move clients from dependence to independence, Charity Check has the solution for you.


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One thing that we have learned with over 20 years of experience working with faith based and non-profit groups is that it needs to be simple to use. Intense training or a large learning curve is just not an option with volunteer staffs. Even for those whose computer skills are more adept, they would rather spend time with the client and not the computer. Charity Check gives you that time!
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Just as every person is unique, every agency is unique as well. What one agency may need in a data solution may not be needed by another. With Charity Check, you begin with our base system and then simply add the modules you need. Why pay for a program loaded with options that you will never use? We give you the building blocks to create the system you need at the price you can afford.
Non-profit workers and volunteers share a passion for assisting those in need. Whether it’s to help the homeless, poverty stricken or under employed, that passion drives each sacrifice given to help others. At Charity Check our passion is to help you. By providing an affordable data management solution we allow you to spend more time with your clients. We give you a user friendly system that lets you quickly enter assistance and retrieve the information you need.
Those working with clients in need would rather spend time with them rather than performing administrative details. However, they still need to maintain client records as well as prepare reports for their board and grant applications. Using Charity Checks’ simple platform, service providers can quickly enter client information and services provided to the client. With the wide variety of modules available, any church or agency can customize their Charity Check package to meet their exact needs.


Bridges Out of Poverty* and the Getting Ahead program help individuals navigate from dependence to independence

Understanding the hidden rules of the middle class and wealth, and choosing to use them, can open doors to new relationships, new jobs, and higher resources.

Our Bridges Communities Module is a feature rich program that meets the needs for Getting Ahead / Case Management needs.

The Bridges Module helps you track important case management data along with Stability Scale Indicators and Self Assessment data. Utilizing our metric and impact reports you can easily display client achievement. Our aggregate reports allow to view program progress and to gather program information for grant requests.

With our client metric reports and overall program performance reports, you can quickly define client success or areas of improvement. With our unique Client Analysis, you can quickly determine client records that may negatively impact your overall success, giving you the opportunity to make the corrections needed and ensure data accuracy.

*Bridges Out of Poverty, www.

Privacy Options
Charity Check offers several options that let choose whether to network with other Charity Check users or how much you network.
   Full Networking
Full Networking allows you to share your data with other Charity Check users to avoid duplication of services. Unless requested, this is our default membership.
   Private Categories
This module allows those with Full Networking to select individual service categories, such as "Medical", to be marked as Private. The entering agency can still view all of their data but clients with services marked as private are blocked from viewing by other Charity Check users.
    Full Confidential
Our confidential account assures that all of your data remains private and is not shared with or viewable by other Charity Check users.
    Confidential Group
For those who wish to share with a select group of users, our Confidential Group meets that need. A secure code is added to group members allowing them to share information but blocking all other Charity Check users.


Most people in need do not rely on a single point of service
Actually they seek assistance from government agencies, local non-profits and churches. In many cases, they are receiving assistance for a single need from multiple sources. With our unique system you can choose the best option for your church or agency to help meet those needs.
With Charity Check, you really can find everything you need to manage your client data in one solution!

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