bridges our of poverty circles usa From the Ground Up...That's the absolute best way to build a product for a brand new concept. However, most client management companies refuse to do that. Why? Simply put it's economics. It cost too much. It's easier to tweak an existing product and sell that to a client. Soon though, the client realizes the expensive package they have purchased doesn't meet their needs.

When Charity Check was contacted about developing a system to meet the needs of Bridges Communities, our first response was not to push the client toward a product that wouldn't work, but to begin a conversation of what that client needed.

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We began conversations with one of the leading Bridges Communities and leading national trainers in the country. We reached out and had discussions and received input from leadership within Bridges Out of Poverty* (aha! Process). The result is our NEW Bridges Communities Module. A feature rich package that tracks all the data discussed in BOP training.

What good is data unless it provides information? With our client metric reports and overall program performance reports, you can quickly define client success or areas of improvement. With our unique Client Analysis, you can quickly determine client records that may negatively impact your overall success, giving you the opportunity to make the corrections needed and ensure data accuracy.

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Tracking the data that's important: Type of Report, Program Type, Education, Financial, Self Assessment, Stability Scale Indicators*, & More!

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Client Metrics, Program Impact, Assessment Due, Client Philanthropy, Client Analysis & Over 30 other prebuilt reports available

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Our modular program allows you to expand. It allows you to connect with your community and build a network to avoid duplication and meet needs.

phone call operator Give us a call and let's discuss your needs to see if Charity Check is right for you. We can provide a FREE demonstration which allows you to see the module in action and give you the opportunity to have your questions answered. We're excited about our Bridges Module, and we believe you will be too!

*Bridges Out of Poverty, www.

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