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Trying to operate an assistance program can be a puzzling chore.

Many times you have more questions than you have answers. Are we really helping the client by providing a temporary solution for a long term need? How do we evaluate our results to know that we are being effective? How do I know where the client is receiving services from in order to provide the appropriate level of assistance from our program?

All of these are good and appropriate questions that we all need to ask in order to meet the need of the individual and to maximize your resources to their fullest extent. To truly help an individual, all of the pieces of the puzzle must come together. Charity Check helps you put those pieces together!

Since 1997 Charity Check has been helping social service providers to network data to avoid duplication and ensure needs are met.
With the experience gained during that time, along with customer input, we have developed a system which can meet the need of the smallest church to the largest agency. Our modular system allows you get the tools you need at a price you can afford. Whether you are a single agency needing a tracking system or a community seeking to collaborate in order to move clients from dependence to independence, Charity Check has the solution for you.

Helping You Help Others

Those working with clients in need would rather spend time with them rather than performing administrative details. However, they still need to maintain client records as well as prepare reports for their board and grant applications. Using Charity Checks’ simple platform, service providers can quickly enter client information and services provided to the client. With the wide variety of modules available, any church or agency can customize their Charity Check package to meet their exact needs.

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Most people in need do not rely on a single point of service, but rather seek assistance from government agencies, local non-profits and churches. In many cases, they are receiving assistance for a single need from multiple sources. The only way to effectively eliminate this duplication of services is by networking client service data.

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Just as every person is unique, every agency is unique as well. What one agency may need in a data solution may not be needed by another. With Charity Check, you begin with our base system and then simply add the modules you need. Why pay for a program loaded with options that you will never use? We give you the building blocks to create the system you need at the price you can afford.

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One thing that we have learned with over 30 years of experience working with faith based and non-profit groups is that it needs to be simple to use. Intense training or a large learning curve is just not an option with volunteer staffs. Even for those whose computer skills are more adept, they would rather spend time with the client and not the computer. Charity Check gives you that time!

What types of agencies use Charity Check?
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circle icon Catholic Charities circle icon Salvation Army
circle icon Society of St. Vincent de Paul circle icon Salvation Army
circle icon Faith In Action circle icon Red Cross
circle icon Community Social Service Agencies circle icon Public School Programs
circle icon United Way circle icon Community Action Agencies
circle icon Rescue Missions circle icon Bridges Out of Poverty Communities
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