Trying to operate a benevolence program can be a puzzling chore.  Many times you have more questions than you have answers.  Are we really helping the client by providing a temporary solution for a long term need?  How do we evaluate our results to know that we are being effective?  How do I know where the client is receiving services from in order to provide the appropriate level of assistance from our program?

All of these are good and appropriate questions that we all need to ask in order to meet the need of the individual and to maximize your resources to their fullest extent.  To truly help an individual, all of the pieces of the puzzle must come together. Charity Check helps you put those pieces together!
What Types of Agencies Use Charity Check?
  • Churches
  • Food Banks
  • Catholic Charities
  • Salvation Army
  • Society of St. Vincent De Paul
  • Utility Companies
  • Faith in Action
  • Red Cross
  • Community Social Service Agencies
  • Public School Programs
  • United Way
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    Client Management System
laptop Charity Check CMS 
First and foremost we provide you a user friendly Client Management System that helps you administer your local program.  By keeping your records on our cloud based system, you have access to them from anywhere you can connect to the internet.  At the office, at home or on the road, all of your information is available  for you to quickly prepare detailed assistance and demographic reports or work with client data.  
report Premium Module
For those who need more options when it comes to reporting, we now offer Premium Reports which are integrated into the existing website to provide a seamless experience. No more downloading data files and importing them into excel. Produce the reports while inside the program. (A new menu “Premium Reports” will replace the existing “Agency Reports” menu for those subscribing to the new feature) A new filter option is available as well to allow most Premium Reports to be filtered not only by date, but by the Gift Category as well. For instance you could produce a demographic report for only clients that received food or food and electricity, etc.

Included reports are: Activity Report, Assistance Report, Client Demographic Report, Family Demographics, Contact Report, Histogram & Zip Code Report.  Reports are filterable by category.

Also, we have now included "notes" with our Premium Module.  This allows you to make client notes that are only viewable within your agency, allowing you to make in house notations on clients.
For those who need more, Charity Check offers more through various modules.  Modules are the building blocks that you use create the system that you need.  Current modules available are: Appointment Scheduler, Volunteer Tracker, Photo ID Cards w/Barcode Scanning, Receipt Printing, Income Sources, Housing/Homeless Tracking and Privatization.  To fiind out more about these modules and to obtain pricing contact our office.
User Accounts
User accounts allow you to expand the Charity Check CMS to the needs of your agency.  Each subscription comes with three initial accounts.  User accounts can be configured to allow access for viewing only or viewing and editing privileges by the account holder.  For those agencies which may need more accounts, those can be added at anytime.  User accounts are a great way to manage access and create a more secure environment.
globe Group Administration
Group administrators can do even more with our Group Reporting section.  Through aggregate group reporting you can instantly develop informational reports for promotional items, board meetings and more.  Important and up to date demographic and assistance data from your community network can be produced in a moment to give you the edge in your competitive grant writing.

Included reports are: Activity Report, Assistance Report, Demographic Report, Contact Report, Histogram & Zip Code Report.  These reports are filterable by category and agency.

NEW!!! -  We now have included a Resource List option for Group Administrators.  This gives you the ability to create a quick reference list of community resources that your group members can use to find the best resource available for an individual in need when that agency is unable to meet the need themselves.  They can even print out a map for the client to help them locate that agency!

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